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Can you speak English?


Language test - Pop Wednesday

“Can you speak English?” How many times have you been asked this question? Instead of making you take a language test, we’ve thought that a reality-check pop quiz would be more fun.

Answer these questions and find out how comfortable you feel when speaking English.
Be honest with yourself, and share it with your friends! PS: check out the TED bonus video below!

Testo in Italiano

“Parli inglese?” Quante volte ti è stata fatta questa domanda? Invece di farti fare un test linguistico, abbiamo pensato che sarebbe stato più divertente fare un pop quiz come analisi della situazione.

Rispondi a queste domande, e scopri quanto sei a tuo agio parlando inglese.
Sii onesto con te stesso e condividi con i tuoi amici! PS: dai un’occhiata al TED bonus video qui sotto!


We obviously really hope that you’ll want to learn more about the topic. Here is a TED video that we think you might like and that might inspire you!

PS: if you find it difficult, keep in mind that you can watch it with subtitles (in English) and you can slow it down (YouTube settings)
PS2: If you want to watch the video with Italian subtitles, or use the interactive transcripts in both English and Italian (a great tool) please, visit and look for – 5 techniques to speak any language, Sid Efromovich

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