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English Conversation

The real reason why

Improve your English to communicate easily with anyone, and open up new frontiers.
Choose the topics, let the teacher guide you and get inspired by our quizzes. The best solution for those who want to improve or for those who want to keep fit in a very dynamic way.


When you want.
Once, twice or more times a week.


Timetable of your choice.
One hour, one hour and a half or more.


The English conversation courses don’t require specific books, but if you wish to, you can select the textbooks from our BOOKS section.


Suitable from the pre-intermediate level up. Why? In order to make the conversation courses effective, it’s essential to have the minimum conversational basis needed to set the conversation.

Goals and results


No more getting stuck. Learn how to avoid translating from your language into English. Use what you already know in the best way, and don’t’ stop learning.

Confident, at last

Everybody makes mistakes, especially while speaking a second language. Learn how to correct yourself and keep fit.

Feeling at ease

Self-confident and without worries. Speaking English with no hesitations. Use what you already know to express yourself in the best way, and don’t stop learning.

Easy going and effective

Thanks to this kind of lessons, you’re finally going to be able to think and make sentences directly in English. You’ll no longer find yourself translating in your head before speaking!

Our offer

  • Hours of online private lessons (1 to 1, you and your teacher only).

  • You can request online lessons (no video) when commuting by car/ train.

  • Textbook not included in the price (not required for conversation lessons).

  • 1 Complete proficiency level is about 90 hours (Common European Framework for Languages).

Online private lessons 24/7

Save time and money

What are you waiting for? You’ll pay less, you’ll have the school’s assistance and a personal teacher. You’ll only need to get comfy and turn on your PC, saving you time as well.

Obtain the same results

The same thing as having face-to-face lessons, teaching and learning with the help of technology. The difference? You choose the place, but it’ll be like being in the classroom. A matter of convenience and comfort.

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