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General English

Be a citizen of the world

Speaking English means being able to travel, talk with anybody, watch your favorite TV series in its original language, or simply access to an infinity of contents on the internet, in an incredibly easy way.
Improve and foster the necessary basis without skipping elements of grammar and lexicon. Dig deeper in everyday topics thanks to articles and extra materials. The world will be your oyster.


Suitable for all levels. From beginner, to advanced.


When you want.
Once, twice or more times a week.


Timetable of your choice.
One hour, one hour and a half or more.


The Business English courses adopt the dedicated Market Leader series (Pearson Publishing), but if you need something specific, you can select the textbooks from our BOOKS section.

Goals and results

General English skills

Everything you need to communicate clearly and efficiently. Travels, people, everyday topics.

Vocabulary and useful expressions

Refine and enrich your vocabulary with idioms and useful words that you’ll learn to use and recognize. You’ll be able to communicate with ease!

Listening & speaking

Thanks to exercises, questions and videos, you’ll be able to improve your communication skills. You’ll always be ready.


Thanks to listening and pronunciation exercises, you’re going to drastically improve your speaking. Say no to misunderstandings!

Our offer

  • Hours of online private lessons (1 to 1, you and your teacher only).

  • Online platform (buying the textbook + My English Lab).

  • Textbook not included in the price (see the books section).

  • 1 Complete proficiency level is about 90 hours (Common European Framework for Languages).

Online private lessons 24/7

Save time and money

What are you waiting for? You’ll pay less, you’ll have the school’s assistance and a personal teacher. You’ll only need to get comfy and turn on your PC, saving you time as well.

Obtain the same results

The same thing as having face-to-face lessons, teaching and learning with the help of technology. The difference? You choose the place, but it’ll be like being in the classroom. A matter of convenience and comfort.

Stop, trial lesson it's free


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