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Idioms with ‘book’


Book Sunday - Language test

Today is Sunday, Book Sunday at Feel Abroad.
We know that you want to relax… But, if you want to improve your English, sometimes you’ll have to do some language exercises. We’ll take it easy, ok? Take a look at 5 idioms with the word BOOK – they can always come in handy!
Take the free test now and don’t forget to check out the SUGGESTED BOOKS (intermediate English and advanced English), you’ll find them below the quiz!

Testo in Italiano

Oggi è domenica, Book Sunday a Feel Abroad.
Lo sappiamo che vuoi rilassarti… Ci andremo piano, ok? Ma se vuoi migliorare il tuo inglese, a volte dovrai fare qualche esercizio sulla lingua. Ci andremo piano, ok? Dai un’occhiata a 5 idioms (modi di dire in inglese) con la parola BOOK – possono sempre tornare utili!
Fai subito il test gratuito e non dimenticarti di dare un’occhiata ai LIBRI SUGGERITI (inglese intermediario e inglese avanzato) li trovi sotto al quiz!

Start improving your knowledge now

Check out our English classes to get to the next level and these books about Idioms to ameliorate and refine your English! Idioms are difficult to master, but very rewarding. By studying them, you really feel like you’re starting to get to know not only the language, but the culture as well… We’ll soon update our books section to let you know everything about them! In the meantime, here are the links to order now:

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