Friends from College

If you REALLY want to learn English – apart from doing one of our courses – you have to try to recreate the same situation that you’d have abroad. One fun way of doing it is to watch tons of movies and TV series. Friends from College s1 and s2 is our suggestion...

Amazon echo – Alexa

Studying English is not just about books and lessons, it’s also about learning to laugh at jokes! SNL, Saturday Night Live, is a late night live television show, one of the best comedy shows in the US. Since 1975, it has entertained millions of Americans with sketches...
What’s their job?? – Financial edition

What’s their job?? – Financial edition

How many professions in FINANCE would be able to name in English??? Learning new words can be challenging. Overloading yourself with new information without using it, won’t take you so far. So, what should you do? There are 3 ways of improving your English vocabulary:...
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