The U.K’s Most Ridiculous Rules!

The U.K’s Most Ridiculous Rules!

Have you ever been to the UK? Well, you might have broken the law! An example? It is illegal to be drunk in a pub! The landlord should in fact stop to serve you immediately in case you’ve had one too many! For more, watch today’s video by Destination Tips and do our...

Are you more British or American?

The eternal questions that all students ask themselves. Which one is better: American or British English? UK or USA? Tea or coffee? Scones or Bagels? Take this personality test to find out where you stand! Testo in Italiano Le eterne domande che tutti gli studenti si...

British or American – Insult edition

Have you ever asked yourself whether the British/American you were talking to insulted you or complimented you? Welcome to the club, also mother tongue speakers may find themselves in the same situation when abroad! Yes, English in the UK and in the USA can be THAT...
Are you a UK expert?

Are you a UK expert?

Almost everyone has been in the UK at least once, but can you call yourself an expert??? Test your knowledge with today’s British quiz! Testo in Italiano Quasi tutti siamo stati in UK almeno una volta, ma ti puoi definire un esperto??? Testa le tue conoscenze con il...
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