How to make perfect Pancakes

How to make perfect Pancakes

Pancakes. One of the best ways to start your day, and Jamie Oliver is the expert in delicious easy recipes. You’ve surely already heard of him or, at least, saw him on TV. British chef and restaurateur, he loves Italian cuisine and cooking having fun. BBC noticed him...


Millennials… Are you one of them, or are you against them? Find out the reasons why very often businesses have trouble dealing with this generation. This talk is by Simon Sinek for RSAanimate, a real guru when it comes to leadership, motivation and strategic...

Friends from College

If you REALLY want to learn English – apart from doing one of our courses – you have to try to recreate the same situation that you’d have abroad. One fun way of doing it is to watch tons of movies and TV series. Friends from College s1 and s2 is our suggestion...

Best sushi in Tokyo

BuzzFeed is an American internet media, news and entertainment company. The website, the YouTube channel and the Netflix show provide fresh entertaining contents about all kids of topics. For example, ever wondered how the sushi in Tokyo is like? If the answer is yes,...

Do what you can’t – Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat and his sunglasses, hands down one of the most famous vloggers on YouTube, now crushing it at 368. If you’ve never heard about him, you should totally check out his channel. He became famous with the video Bike Lane NYC, he collaborated with some huge...
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