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The Office


Business Tuesday - Vocabulary quiz

The office. A place that can get scary when receiving guests from abroad.
Obvious things you’ve never even thought of can really cost you a bad first impression. Has it ever happened to you? Do you already know the basic vocabulary?

Take this test and find out – don’t forget to take a look at a couple of useful books below!

Testo in Italiano

L’ufficio. Un posto che può diventare pauroso quando si ricevono degli ospiti dall’estero.
Cose ovvie a cui non avevi mai pensato possono davvero costarti una brutta prima impressione. Ti è mai capitato? Conosci già i vocaboli base?

Fai questo test per scoprirlo – non ti scordare di dare un’occhiata ad un paio di libri utili qui sotto!

Start boosting your Business Vocabulary

with one of these useful books. They are exceptional for consolidating, study and review everything that you need in a business environment. Choose your level, order it, and you won’t regret it!

Check out our books section to know everything about them! In the meantime, here are the links to order now:

Business Vocabulary in Use - Advanced (testo + ebook)

The words you need to communicate with confidence in business today. Vocabulary explanations and practice for advanced (B2 to C1) students and professionals looking to improve their knowledge and use of business English. This book is perfect for both self-study and classroom activities. Inside the book is a code for an ebook that can be used online with Macs, PCs and tablets.

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