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What’s the capital?


Knowledge quiz - Travel Friday

You’re certainly passionate about travels, pictures, food… but, are you good at geography??
For our Travel Friday we’ve also selected a hilarious BONUS video scroll down below – TheEllenShow – watch an amazing 5-year-old kid that certainly knows way more than you!
Test your knowledge with our quiz, improve your listening comprehension with the video and let us know how it goes on our social media accounts.

Testo in Italiano

Sei sicuramente appassionato/a di viaggi, foto, cibo… ma sei bravo/a in geografia?
Per il nostro Travel Friday abbiamo anche selezionato un esilarante BONUS VIDEO scrolla in basso – TheEllenShow – guarda un incredibile bambino di 5 anni che sicuramente ne sa più di te!
Testa le tue conoscenze con il nostro quiz, migliora la tua listening comprehension con il video e facci sapere come va sui nostri social media accounts.

little geography genius

The Ellen Show is a super famous American TV show. In this episode, Ellen’s guest is a little geography genius, he’ll blow your mind and he’ll give you a very good reason for taking the test! It’s a very easy video to understand, and remember you can always slow it down (YouTube settings) and watch it with subtitles in English! We hope you’ll like it, and if you want to watch another episode we suggest this one:

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