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You CAN teach an OLD DOG NEW TRICKS!!!


Cinema Thursday - Reading comprehension


When people say ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ it’s not true, because you can reinvent yourself and learn new things whenever you want.

— Jonathan Van Ness, Queer Eye, Season 1: You Can’t Fix Ugly


Quando le persone dicono ‘non puoi insegnare ad un vecchio cane dei trucchi nuovi’ hanno torto, perché ci si può reinventare e imparare nuove cose quando ci pare.

— Jonathan Van Ness, Queer Eye, Season 1: You Can’t Fix Ugly

Sometimes, to OLD ENGLISH SAYINGS, are not true!!! Scroll down to find out more about the new season of QUEER EYE!!! ENGLISH READING COMPREHENSION to KEEP YOURSELF FIT!!!

Testo in Italiano

A volte, i VECCHI DETTI INGLESI, non sono veri!!! Scrolla in basso per scoprire di più sulla nuova stagione di QUEER EYE!!! ENGLISH READING COMPREHENSION per TENERTI in FORMA!!!

reading comprehension

1 Kathi, the music director at Quincy Senior High School, is Jonathan's former music teacher. She has not changed her mullet hairstyle since the 1980s. Kathi is nominated by her assistant, Sarah, who wants Kathi to put herself first instead of last.

2 The Fab 5 give Kathi a makeover in time for her appearance as grand marshal at the Octoberfest Parade. They also help her raise money at the annual music department fundraiser.

3 Bobby redecorates the teachers' lounge and renames it as the "Dooley Den" after Kathi so that teachers would actually use the lounge.

4 Antoni teaches Kathi's students to make Blue Deviled Potatoes which consist queso and blue potatoes as part of the fundraiser.

5 Tan takes her shopping to upgrade her wardrobe for a more sophisticated and age-appropriate look. Jonathan chops off her mullet to give a more modern and flattering hairstyle.

6 Karamo helps Kathi realize that she needs to do more activities outside of school. He contacts Kathi's former student, Ryan, who worked on the Broadway musical Waitress, who gives her and her husband first class plane tickets as well as free tickets to go see the musical.

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